Testimonials from Our Clients

Don’t Take Just our Word For it


I met Ellie about a year ago when I was looking for a PT to whip me into shape, boy did I get more than I bargained for when Ellie came along! With a warm personality, open heart and genuinely passionate attitude, Ellie has guided me on my journey towards better health. Ellie has a truly holistic approach that includes movement, nutrition and mindfulness and delivers information and advice in a way that is supportive and not overwhelming. I couldn’t thank Ellie enough for all the knowledge she has shared with me so far and opening my mind to concepts I had not considered before. I am so happy that our paths crossed and cannot wait for the journey ahead.

Adriana Dimitropoulos


Ellie is one of the most amazing, talented, compassionate and energetic people I know.  She continually seeks to gain additional knowledge and insights which she freely shares to help her clients.  I have trained with Ellie for eight years and value her holistic approach; blending diet and nutrition, general health and wellbeing, mindfulness and physical fitness and strength.  Ellie knows when to challenge and when to support.  She has made such a positive difference to my life that I have recently engaged her to provide yoga and wellbeing classes for my staff.  They love it.

Helen Dyer


I have had the pleasure of having Ellie as a personal trainer now for ten years. When beginning this journey with Ellie I had a very limited understanding of weight and cardio training. Now ten years on I’m beyond grateful to Ellie for teaching me not only how to be physically fit and strong and help me achieve my fitness goals, but also a mental strength which has been an invaluable lesson in my life. 

Ellie has the most understanding and warm nature, making it effortless to trust her which I found to be the most important element to how much I have achieved physically and mentally from her sessions.  I now have the privilege of not only having Ellie as a personal trainer but also as a yoga instructor.


This is now the absolute high light of my week as Ellie brings her same wealth of knowledge, and warm and inclusive nature to all of her classes. All of her yoga classes have been created so that no matter your experience level she explains all sequences and modifications to poses so that everyone feels comfortable and supported in their practice. With Ellie’s passion for her profession and uplifting energy she has made exercise something I look forward to each week which I did not think was possible!! 

She is constantly learning and training in her fields which translates in all her sessions as I’m constantly learning new movements and techniques. I’m so grateful for what she has taught me and I cannot wait to see the amazing things in store with Equilibrium – The Holistic Living Project!


Justine Goldsworthy