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The Equilibrium Experience

Dedicated to your wellbeing

Our yoga studio is a home to all, a little sanctuary away from the rest of world. A place for all to heal, grow, smile, learn and most of all feel safe and welcomed.

The Equilibrium experience is one where you will feel supported & nurtured.

The word Equilibrium can be described as a state where all forces acting are balanced. This philosophy is the foundation that our yoga studio is built upon.

The holistic living project component describes the physical & mental journey that is health and wellness. There is not one answer nor is there one stop, it is a life long process.

At Equilibrium The Holistic Living Project, we use our extensive training and in-depth understanding of the human body and psyche to teach and cultivate awareness of one’s own practice and life process.

Meet Ellie your facilitator

Yoga Instructor, Personal trainer, Wellness & Lifestyle coach.


Ellie Johns

Yoga Instructor, Personal trainer, Wellness & Lifestyle coach

Ellie is the owner and founder of Equilibrium the holistic living project. She is a Adelaide based health professional who has worked in the industry for the past 10 years.


Ellie's approach is to target all aspects of health with her number one goal of longevity of the mind and body. Ellie will educate and share with you her beliefs around the principles of health. Including movement, breath, wholefoods, hydration, human connect & our relationships, sunshine & our thoughts.

She believes that when these principles are balance this allows people not only to transform their physical health but also transform the mind leaving you in perfect equanimity.

She will provide you with the knowledge and tools required to create and main a long life full of healthy and joy.

Meet Maddie

Yoga Instructor


Maddie Honor

Yoga Instructor

Maddie's yoga journey began when she was studying dance full-time in Adelaide. Maddie was mainly practicing Ashtanga and Bikram, when she fell in love with the physical practice and how it benefited her body. However, she soon realised it was the way yoga made her feel both emotionally and physically that lured her back time and time again.


From there, she decided to challenge herself and enrol in a 285-hour Vinyasa course. As she had just begun teaching in secondary schools at the time, It became a passion of hers to introducing yoga to kids and teens.


In 2015, Maddie completed the Rainbow Kids yoga course. A course that completely changed the way she introduced yoga to schools. It also had a significant impact on the way she taught adults too by introducing the elements of fun and laughter into her classes.


Maddies favourite part of teaching is choreographing flows. Maddies loves the idea of unifying breath and movement. This aspect of teaching also allows her to integrate her passion for dance and movement through yoga.

Meet Rebecca

Yoga Instructor


Rebecca Gross

Yoga Instructor

Becca is a certified yoga facilitator with an interest in anatomy, functional movement and embodied living. She strongly believes that the practice of yoga is a life-long journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Her classes are dynamic, intelligently sequenced and aim to awaken new pathways of movement and self-awareness.

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